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Dealing With The Tough Environments

Why does it make a difference that we've been active for 18 years around the local area? Why does it make a difference that our welders have key certifications, and are insured and trained according to certain protocols?

One reason is that we work in a variety of environments for customers. When you think about it, this actually has a lot of value in the type of work that we do, because this work does not happen in a vacuum!

Industry and Industrial Environments

Many of our customers are in different kinds of industries. Some may be overseeing hydrocarbon and oil and gas operations. Some may be dealing with chemicals that go to specific clean room environments for production. Others are dealing with different kinds of manufacturing processes. Some need gear and equipment that is “ruggedized” to the environment that the crews will be working in.

There is the layout of the business and the footprint of the business facility. Then there are the external tanks and other systems that need high quality welding from competent operators.

Vehicle Logistics

One part of performing the job is getting there, and getting to the site and deploying our resources there.

This can be easier said than done, especially when challenges like grading, hazardous materials or obstacles make point of service delivery difficult. When you’ve seen those types of scenarios, things often become a lot clearer.

Weather is another challenge that may come up.

In lots of heavy industries, people have bonding processes in place to make sure that projects happen on the right timeline, and with the right quality of safety and procedural work.

We contribute to those outcomes without having specific bonding agreements in place. Because of our certifications and training, we are able to arrange for more predictable results and better project outcomes in general.

Then you also have to talk about all of the welding gear that professionals use to put great results together.

Each specific type of welding has its own complex physical process. Knowing the difference (and the requirements of each process) is key for being able to serve clients in a professional way.

It's also important to have an idea of the size and scope of a project, for estimating materials costs and the time it will take to complete something like a tank weld, or something else that is necessary for client operations.

Make sure that the company that you choose is up to the challenge! Call Epic Welding and get help from people who know how to get the job done.

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