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Five Key Skills in Welding

The industrial practice of welding is one that requires specific skills and experience, as well as support equipment and resources.

Unlike say, carpentry or painting (although both of those have their own craft and standards), welding is a process that must be done according to highly scientific criteria in order to be effective and safe.

Here are some of the aspects of how we train people to do the kinds of specialized industrial welding that serve our customers well. We provide quality by paying attention to what works in this demanding field.

Reading Blueprints

A welding job has its own documented schema and detailed plan at its core.

These plans are made to account for things like temperature, load-bearing, spatial analysis and more. Reading them is immensely critical to the job at hand. We make sure that our people are trained to read the conventional documentation that accompanies a welding job.

Working in Heat and Smoke

While the above aspects of welding are very highly conceptual and require intelligence and attention to detail, other aspects of welding are around what you might call ‘ruggedized’ work – they require endurance and stamina as well as specialized protective gear.

Welding helmets and gloves and other pieces of equipment demonstrate the tough conditions that welders work in every day to get these projects done. It’s important to make the investment in equipment, but it’s also important to make sure people have the skills to use this gear correctly.


Certifications are the proof in the pudding for welding professionals and the companies that employ them. Whether it's an AWS certification, an OSHA training certification or any other credential, these achievements support the precision work that welding professionals do in the field.

Safety Precautions

As with many other types of jobs, there are long lists of safety requirements that apply to welding. In fact, there are many more of these safety requirements than there are in various other types of industrial activity. Welders need to know these rules and follow them to a T, to avoid previous accidents and damage to property.

Analyzing Work at Hand

In addition, there are various kinds of welding – various methods and systems that work with inert gases and other components to accomplish welded results. Welders need to know about MIG welding and TIG welding, and how to work with each kind of process.

Take a look at our web site for more on how we provide professional results for clients. At Epic Welding LLC, we stand behind our work!

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