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Inside The Trade Of Welding

Without welders, our world would be vastly different from the one we know, from housing to industry, life as we know it would simply not exist. The rise of our modern society has depended on skilled workers and innovative processes that create our way of living, and welders are an integral part of this system.

A welder is a skilled tradesman who is adept in working with certain tools to join metal together, or repair gaps in metal constructions, through the use of extremely intense heat. You can find the work of a welder in all types of construction, industrial, and manufacturing applications. Welders work on-site for jobs that require building or repair and in factories and industrial plants that need constant upkeep. Welding occurs even underwater in all types of subaquatic structures such as oil rig foundations, ports, and ship hull repairs.

Unskilled Welders

The specific job duties in welding vary and depending on the skill level required to perform the duties welders are designated as “unskilled” or “skilled”. Unskilled welders perform repetitive welding tasks such as assembly lines and factories. They may use robotics and other innovative machinery to conduct their duties which can include assembling automobiles, and they also perform spot welds that are needed in the construction of specialized equipment. These tasks require a little broader knowledge of welding techniques other than as is necessary to perform their specific jobs.

Skilled Welders

Skilled welders are trained in the fabrication of many different types of metals through participation in certified education programs or apprenticeship. These advanced welding techniques encompass a variety of applications and tools and can be performed on-site or in an industrial facility. Welders join the beams of skyscrapers on construction sites, connect joints of silos on farms, repair machinery in factories that produce power, and work in almost any other industrial setting you can imagine.

Expert Knowledge

From arc welding to oxyacetylene welding, resistance welding to submerged welding, there are over one hundred welding methods used by fabricators today. The welding technique used depends on the metal to be joined or repaired, the location, and the specific needs of the project. Understanding the specifications of your project is our specialty at Epic Welding LLC, and we provide experienced and certified team members on-site to make sure your needs are met and your expectations exceeded. Let us know how our skilled welders can help you reach your goals in a safe, practical, time-efficient and cost-effective manner.

There is no job we won’t tackle at Epic Welding LLC, contact us today.

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