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Mobile Welding Challenges And How To Conquer Them

On the blog, we've talked about a lot of what faces welders when they approach a new project in the field, or for that matter, in a controlled factory environment. Those two types of jobs are very different, but they do have some commonalities, too.

Let's talk about some other specifics that our people encounter when they go out on customer site jobs. How your mobile welding company approaches these things is going to have an effect on your final result.

Porosity and Contamination

First of all, technicians have to be looking at the overall porosity of welding results and how the mixture is constituted when the welding work is done.

Excessive porosity is a huge red flag in any welding work, and it something to be cautious of as you move forward. Luckily, our people know how to do the quality work that leaves you with adequate density and a good overall final product. There’s quite a lot of precision that goes into many of these jobs, and thinking through them prior to visiting a site is ultimately important. We’ve said a lot about this in a few past blog posts, actually, and gotten some good responses from readers over time. Pros who tackle these challenges know how real they are!

Welding Parameters

Every base has its own parameters, and again, technicians need to know this. In other words, welding has a lot to do with chemistry. Maybe you didn't study chemistry in high school, but somebody did, and they helped to create the materials and techniques that serve welders as they accomplish difficult projects. So with mobile welding, apply those parameters deliberately, and you'll be one step ahead. We actually had somebody message us recently about this issue, and solved a problem for that client without ever setting foot at the site! That’s a value-added part of what we do for our clients.

Access Challenges

Here's where technicians sometimes encounter things that are more logistical than technical: it’s not a question of necessarily perfecting the weld, it’s more of a question of getting in there to do the job.

Maybe there's excessive vegetation in the way, or maybe there's crumbling concrete around a particular welding job. Maybe there’s something else that is decayed, or broken, and has fallen into the area in a way that it shouldn’t have.

You have to strive to maintain your footing in any kind of scenario and be confident about how you’re approaching a job. That may mean adding additional equipment, or putting unanticipated supports in place. It might mean talking intelligently to managers or site leaders.

Whatever it means, get quality welding work from the people at Epic Welding, where quality matters. Look back at the blog to learn more about how we can handle your welding site work.

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