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Selecting Your First TIG Welder

A TIG welder can help you work with strict heat controls and thinner metals, allowing you to produce tech and cosmetic based products. The applications for this type of welding are continually expanding. TIG welding applications require you to work on exotic metals like platinum, phosphorous, bronzes, and more. As you choose a TIG welder, there are several things to keep in mind.

These considerations include, but are not limited to, the following:

Range of Amperage

The amperage range of a TIG welder is an important consideration. If you purchase a TIG welder with a very narrow amperage range, you may be limiting your capability to weld a wider variety of metals. Your best option is to choose a machine with a range between 5 and 230 amps. A welder of this type will allow you to work with thinner metals, like 24 gauge stainless steel items.

DC and AC Welding

If your goal is to be able to weld more than stainless steel, you'll need to purchase additional items that allow the user to use both AC and DC options. If you need to work on softer metals like aluminum and magnesium, you may need to try an AC welder. TIG welders will need to have DC welding abilities if you'll want to work on harder metals, like deoxidized copper, steel, stainless steel, and more. When you opt for an AC welder, it's important to have control over the balance of AC. Having this control allows you to set the time of the AC cycle so that you can control whether the welder is in a negative cycle or a positive cycle. The highest quality welding equipment will allow for both automated balance control and manual balance control.

Simple to Use

TIG welding can be a complicated process, but this does not necessarily mean that it's complicated to operate the welder itself. The best made TIG machinery, in fact, will be simple to both operate and understand. Also, most high-quality vendors provide you with machinery that features an amperage control and a metal foot pedal so that you can control the settings while working with aluminum.

Well Designed

All high-quality TIG welders will have a design with specific features to help with the machine’s overall durability and lifespan. A well made TIG welder will have a thermostat controlled fan. The fan will only run when it gets too hot. Then it will cause the fan to run to cool off the unit. Avoid purchasing a machine that has a normal fan that runs all of the time. These constantly moving fans can collect far too much dust. `

Now that you know about these features, you're far better equipped to choose the best TIG welding machine possible. Select a well-made machine that will fit well into your home workshop, so that you can do high-quality work for years to come.

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