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The Value of a Trade School Degree

As many people are aware, traditional college isn't for everyone. And that's alright. High School Counselors, parents, and other people acting in an advisory role in young adults' lives should recommend the trade school route and help the kids plan accordingly for their future.

Although trade degrees are not right for everyone, there is a certain romanticism for doing so. There is no shame in working with your hands. More kids should be encouraged to do so. A twentieth-century lawyer said this about the pursuit. "He who works with his hands is a laborer. He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman. He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist."

It's not hard to understand the attraction. There is something about working with your hands that cleanses the soul. Here are some additional reasons to pursue trade school degrees or occupations.

It's Less Expensive

With the rising cost of education in the traditional collegiate setting, it's no wonder that many students are turning to trade school degrees and apprenticeships for employment opportunities—the average trade school education costs around 33,000 for the entire program. You can pay about that much for one year of college towards getting your bachelor's degree. Often an apprenticeship will pay you while you complete the necessary hours toward their program.

It Yields High-Paying Positions

As discussed before, the ratio of money spent on your schooling vs. the job's yearly earnings is outstanding. Many people are unaware of the high earning potential of blue-collar or working-class jobs. As we continue to push bachelor degrees and beyond on most young adults, trade degrees are often not promoted enthusiastically. Elevator Installer and Repair technicians, power plant operators, and gas plant operators all do very well monetarily. Other trades including, plumbers, locomotive engineers, and boilermakers, all do very well financially also. Having a trade degree is an excellent choice for workers in today's world.

You Use Your Head

Often people are under the assumption that blue-collar workers aren't as smart as other professions. The reality is, though, it takes intelligence to dismantle an engine on a car or repair an elevator in a high-rise building. Most people would have no clue how to safely supply electricity to a house without hurting themselves or others; the fact of the matter is we often take these workers for granted.

Continuously Learn and Achieve to Do Better

Those of you who value education know that we are continually learning. In the classroom, on the job, at home, and from friend's family, we can continuously strive for success. Each day presents new challenges and opportunities to learn and excel. For more information and articles on welding and associated trades, visit Epic Welding LLC.

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