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Three Components of Better Welding Practices

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

At Epic Welding LLC, as we serve our industrial clients with deliberate implementations, we make sure that our projects are set up the right way to take chaos and uncertainty out of the equation.

Welding can be a tricky business. Without the right safety procedures, it can be dangerous, as some companies have unfortunately found out too late. Without the right analysis and evaluation, the results can be pretty poor. Here are some ways that we guarantee quality for our work and invest in a higher quality of control.

On-Site Work

Some companies eventually feel shortchanged by service businesses that end up taking project materials off-site, and accomplishing the industrial work at some remote location. Of course, the feasibility of that is mostly determined by how big the pieces are – but in general, when work is conducted on-site, it's easier for the customer to observe what's going on. It's kind of like the difference between an open kitchen and one that’s hidden at the back of the restaurant. When you hear weird noises coming from beyond the kitchen doors, or you don't hear anything and don't see any food coming out, it's natural to be nervous. The same principle holds true in our line of work, to some extent (and in a far different way) and on-site work is almost always a best practice.

A Controlled Environment

In welding, the control of the environment is a key part of having confidence in the results.

By accomplishing the right controlled environment, our teams eliminate risks related to temperature humidity and other factors. We make sure that the setup accommodates a successful result. That’s good for us, and it’s good for your company, too.

The Value of Oversight

In this business, the name of the game is providing redundant controls and oversight measures that ensure every job is completed well and safely.

You can see our certifications online – with OSHA, AWS, boiler certification and high pressure vessel certification in hand, we are well equipped to complete all of our clients’ industrial project needs without unnecessary uncertainty or risk. We handle MIG and TIG welding jobs, as well as flux cored welding, which can be helpful for projects where surfaces have some rust or corrosion. In accomplishing these forms of welding for our industrial client businesses, we make sure that we have these universal best practices in place for our sake and for the sake of our client. Take a look online to learn more about how we maintain our standards of excellence and why so many firms call us for big welding jobs.

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