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Three of Our Certifications and Why They're Important

At Epic Welding, we put effort into building a business model that works for us and our customers. This is important in welding, because this is a heavy industrial activity with flame, powerful gases and heavy metals. It's not something you take lightly.

With that in mind, we have a range of certifications and credentials that prove our prominence in the field. You can take a look for yourself on the website. These are three of the most important credentials that we maintain in order to give our customers peace of mind that when they hire us, they’re hiring the best.

AWS Certification

In the white-collar office world, AWS certification means something entirely different.

In welding, we're not talking about Amazon Web services certification where IT people get trained in managing things like serverless computing systems. We're talking about certification by the American Welding Society, and that's a very valuable asset in our industry.

AWS certification means that our people have taken tests provided by the AWS and have demonstrated their ability to weld up to very specific standards. When it comes to welding, there are any number of errors or discrepancies that can cause structural problems over time. AWS certification helps protect projects against discontinuities, excessive porosity and other physical problems with welding results, for QA that works for our customers and their supply chains.

OSHA Certification

Why does it matter whether you have certification for workers?

We think that a customer who asks this question first doesn't really understand the business very well. We have to have OSHA certification to prove that we keep our workers safe while they accomplish these complex processes. We think that this has a pretty broad effect on whether a company knows what it's doing. We think that without adequate worker protections, a welding company isn't really worth its salt.

Boiler Certification

Some welders like us get specific boiler certifications because of the nature of these projects.

When you're welding a boiler, you’re welding a pressure vessel. There's more at stake than just load-bearing. The boiler has to have a certain integrity in order to handle the demand that's placed on it.

Boiler certification involves working with specific systems like this and demonstrating that you have the ability to do it safely, for precise results.

Want to get help from an experienced and professionally capable welding shop? Talk to us about what you can do to improve your supply chain today.

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