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Trust Professional Welders To Handle Your Cast Iron Welding Needs

Depending on the type of industry your company or organization is in, you may find that you are faced with the need to weld cast iron parts. Cast iron welds can present an array of challenges that can, if not handled correctly result in cracking or other damage that can cause the weld to fail. If critical parts are in need of welding, it is wise to seek the workmanship of certified welders who are adept in performing quality cast iron welds.

Mobile residential and commercial welding companies such as Epic Welding LLC provide professionally trained and experienced welders who specialize in difficult welds. With a cast iron weld, it is crucial that you call a professional to ensure that the job is conducted safely and effectively.

Difficult By Character

Cast irons are a family of iron-carbon alloys that are characteristically hard, which is both a positive and a negative to their use, however it makes them tricky to weld. The hardness of cast irons makes them less malleable than wrought iron or steel, and their heating and cooling cycles cause contraction and expansion which can induce tensile stress. Since these irons do not deform or stretch when heated and stressed, they crack instead, making welding difficult unless performed by an experienced welder.

Type Of Cast Iron Makes A Difference

The type of cast iron can make a significant difference in its performance under weld. Grey cast iron, which is the most common form of cast iron, is more ductile and weldable than that of white cast iron due to its microstructure. The challenge grey cast iron poses to welders is that its graphite flakes can enter the weld pool causing embrittled metal. White cast iron, on the other hand, possesses as cementite crystalline microstructure that is extremely hard and brittle. Due to these qualities, white cast iron is considered non-weldable.

Trusting Certified And Experienced Welders

Determining whether you have grey or white cast iron is important in understanding if and how repair will need to be made. Grey iron presents a grey color along with its fracture point, and white iron is actually whiter along with its fracture point. Professional welders can perform tests on your material so that determination of the type of cast iron is made prior to any weld or other recommended repair be made.

Trusting the weld of your cast iron to professionals at Epic Welding LLC will ensure that the job is conducted safely and effectively. Epic Welding LLC’s mobile services make it easy and efficient to get your welding jobs completed with confidence and satisfaction.

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