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Up And Down, Over And Under

What makes a difference in welding projects?

Companies ask themselves this time and time again, as they consider how to maintain industrial and commercial systems. Some call the wrong company, and have a bad experience. That might lead them to be wary of contractors in general.

Companies can also have some confusion depending on the type of job that's to be done. Some jobs look more intimidating than others, and some are actually more risky than your average welding job.

So how do we tackle heavy welding work?

Let's look at some of the components of Epic Welding’s business approach and why we’re so valuable to clients who need the tough jobs done.

The Right Gear

It starts with capability, our ability to bring all of the gear and resources to the client’s site for portable welding service that will provide a consistent outcome.

In so many cases, companies just don't have the luxury of sending something out to be welded. Something that is on-site is mission-critical, and failing or deforming, or coming apart, and regardless of cost or logistics, it needs to be fixed in a timely manner.

Being able to set up a controlled environment at the site gives us the ability to address your problems correctly!

Addressing Liability

There's also the liability angle. Many jobs have their own logistics in terms of supporting work physically, and making sure that the performance of the work doesn't lead to an accident or some kind of unanticipated outcome.

When there is liability in the mix, you need contractors who know how to work with that risk. Part of it is insurance and bonding, and another part of it is a smart approach to the job by an experienced company.

Heavy Work

These projects are sometimes quite high-pressure in the sense that they're being performed on heavy installations with pretty sophisticated techniques.

That's another reason why people rely on Epic Welding for professional and capable welding at the client’s own site to keep everything in top shape. In a very key sense, welding is high-technology work, too. It's not something that's easy to set up for, and it's something that requires a good deal of personal protective equipment.

Those types of details make it important for companies to really be thinking about safety in a comprehensive way. This is where our certifications and skill set come in handy. You can see on the website our achievement of OSHA standards and some certifications that make us among the best in the business.

For the solvency of your infrastructure and the long-term maintenance of your business, talk to Epic Welding about welding work done right. Get the confidence of dealing with a company that's used to performing these intensive tasks for big companies and government and municipal offices.

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