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Which Welding Process Do I Need For My Project? (A Look Into TIG, Stick, And Flux Cord Welding)

If you are in need of a welding job, it can be easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of types of welding that exists, making understanding your needs and which applications work best a priority. While certain types of welding produce clean beads that are visually appealing and require little to no clean up, other types produce the exact opposite.

To learn more about which type of welding is used for various purposes will help you understand the process and what it entails. From small pipe fitting needs to larger building fabrications, there is a type of welding to get the job done.

TIG welding is one of most common forms of the trade. Also referred to as Helliarc and gas tungsten arc welding, this type of welding consists of a non-consumable electrode made of tungsten. It is one of the few types of welding that can be done with no filler metal, using only the two metals being welded together.

TIG welding creates a visually appealing weld that requires little to no clean up, and is vital in the automotive industry, within factories, and in applications in many building applications.

Stick welding is a popular form of welding that can be performed outdoors, even in adverse weather conditions. This is because stick welding uses an electrode stick that is coated in flux that creates a gas cloud when heated, protecting the metal from oxidation. This type of welding works well on painted, dirty, and even rusted surfaces, making it great for equipment repairs.

Flux-cord welding is better suited for thicker, heavier metals as it uses a high heat welding method. Best used for heavy equipment repairs, it also doesn’t leave much waste. Flux-cord welds contain a wire that has a core of flux that creates a gas shield, which eliminates the need for external gas supply. This process can leave a little slag, but after cleaning up offers beautifully finished welds.

Steel fabricators use these most popular forms as well as other forms of welding to transform, transfix, and create through the process of fusing metals seamlessly together. This welding process involves skill and experience, and is a true form of craft and trade that we depend on every day.

Picking the right type of welding process for your job can be as easy as picking up the phone and calling Epic Welding LLC., where professional welders will answer your questions and provide you with quality welding services that fit any need.

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