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4 Facts About the American Welding Society and AWS Boiler Certification

We mentioned this before in passing, but let's take some time to talk about one of our most useful certifications in the field of welding, something that allows us to demonstrate excellence as we go out on client jobs. (Hint: We’re NOT talking about Amazon!)

The organization is called the American Welding Society, and it's a certain authority on different types of welding.

Companies look for this kind of certification as proof of expertise and authority on how to get these jobs done.

Here's some more about the American Welding Society.

American Welding Society Headquarters

The American Welding Society, in the old days, was headquartered for many years in Manhattan at 25 to 33 W. 39th St. in the Engineering Societies Building.

At that time, people who were passionate about trades could visit the lobby where memorial statues represented the organization.

However, in the 1970s, AWS headquarters moved to Miami and the headquarters of the American Welding Society is now in Doral, Florida, nearby.

AWS Endorsements

The American Welding Society operates a list of endorsements that show some of the areas most popular for certification. These include:

  • Structural Steel

  • Structural Aluminum

  • Welding

  • Railroad

  • Aerospace

  • Pipeline

  • Structural Drawing Reading

  • Structural Bolting Inspection

  • ASME endorsements

AWS and Computer-Based Testing

The American Welding Society also uses computer-based testing for certification. Exam takers will be tested on things like what’s in the structural welding code, and the test can take up to 2 hours.


AWS operates dozens of chapters or sections in most U.S. states and around the world, in places like Saudi Arabia, and Israel – and in high-production manufacturing areas like Korea and Taiwan.

The AWS Foundation

The American Welding Society foundation was formed in 1989 to support the work of the society.

Here's some more about the American Welding Society – we train our people for AWS certification to show that we have what it takes to work on tanks, boilers and other industrial installations.

We also have the proper OSHA certification and other key qualifications for mobile welding.

If you look back at the blog, you'll see a lot more detail on how we approach customer projects – by being able to use industry knowledge to overcome challenges like access barriers, environmental hazards and more.

We tackle the tough, heavy jobs and work with respected partners in the Jeffersonville, IN area. When you have some type of repair need or other industrial welding project that you can't handle in-house, we will be there to bring professional resources to the equation and help you to resolve any issues that are on your radar.

In tough industries like chemicals and oil and gas, people often need this kind of highly specialized workforce and the ability to visit your site is an added advantage! Call Epic Welding LLC and get everything squared away.

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