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Experienced Welders Know the Three F’s

Welding requires lots of training and even more skill, but it can be a very rewarding profession. Given the nature of the business, welding can also be a dangerous job. One of the first things welders learn about is the extreme temperature of the welding arc. If not handled safely, it can pose a significant fire and explosion risk. Clients don’t always realize why so many safety precautions are necessary, especially in mobile welding. Welders, on the other hand, learn about the three F’s from day one.

Fire and Explosion

The welding arc reaches extreme temperatures and gives off intense heat. These temperatures can be as hot as 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit and throw sparks up to 35 feet away from the welding space. Even fine dust particles can pose a risk near flammable materials, which should be moved at least 50 feet away from the work area if possible. Any material that can’t be moved should be covered with fire-resistant material and sometimes a watcher can help keep track of flying sparks to help prevent ignition.

Fumes and Gases

Exposure to welding fumes and gases can be hazardous to your health without proper ventilation. Metal oxide compounds are found in welding fumes along with other potentially dangerous substances, depending on what is being welded. It’s often recommended that metals be cleaned of paint and other substances before welding whenever possible. If the objects being welded cannot be taken outside, then fresh air and adequate ventilation are vital to complete the job safely.

Face and Eyes

The most important part of a welder’s protective gear is a face mask to guard against sparks and spatter. The lenses are shaded to protect their eyes from welder’s flash which can cause temporary blindness and discomfort. The fumes from the welding arc can also irritate the eyes causing redness and swelling, among other things. Most welding helmets come equipped with side shields for added protection. Welders must take precautions to complete any job comfortably and safely.

The best thing you can do to prepare for a visit from a mobile welder is to ensure their work area is clear and there is adequate ventilation. The rule of thumb is about 50 feet in every direction if space allows. This helps mitigate the risk of accidental fire from flying sparks. Welding may look simple enough, but it requires training, skills, and the right tools. The highly trained professionals at Epic Welding LLC have the certification and the experience to complete your welding job quickly and safely. No job is too big or too small. We are Southern Indiana’s premiere mobile welding company and we’re ready to meet your welding needs on sight.

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