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Is Learning A Trade Right For You?

As society advances, more and more people opt out of going to college in hopes of pursuing a career that will give them better financial footing. One common thing people choose to do over college is attending trade school. There are many trades one can find themselves in, but most of them are pretty valuable and can potentially make you more money than a college degree. To help you find what trade is best for you, we have a list of the three most sought-after trades in modern society.

Diesel Technicians

The first trade which is highly beneficial to learn is a diesel technician. Diesel technicians specialize in working on diesel engine automobiles such as big rig semi-trucks and other industrial-grade machinery. Diesel technicians are sought after because they must have extensive knowledge of diesel engines, which are significantly less common than regular gasoline ones. Because of this, the job of a diesel technician is much more of a niche than an average car mechanic, which contributes to the high demand for this position. Diesel technicians must study and become certified to work on diesel engines, but their hard work can pay off in the long run.

Landscape Design

Another trade which is becoming more and more popular is landscape designing. While this particular job might not be what comes to mind when you think of trades, it still holds its value. Landscape designers are tasked with planning and upkeeping outdoor spaces for residential homes or large businesses. Some of the tasks they may perform include trimming hedges, planting/removing plants, and determining the overall layout of the outdoor space. Many people find this trade enjoyable and often open their own landscaping companies.


Finally, possibly the most sought-after trade to date, we have welding. Welders and fabricators are highly sought after in a myriad of industries and for a good reason. Basic welding is advantageous and is regularly needed by large companies and industrial facilities. Because welding is such a diverse trade, there are many more advanced types that you can learn. If you find yourself in a very niche style of welding, such as mobile welding, then your skills would be in high demand. Welding is a trade that will always be of value. If you want to invest your education in a professional career, welding is for you.

Trades such as diesel technician, landscape designer, and welding will always be in high demand. With hard work and dedication, you can create a career path that works for you.

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