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More About Our Experience And Skills

Here's more about our experience and skills in welding, how we address our clients' properties and jobs, as well as our certifications and what they mean.

As a mobile welding company, we're used to solving challenges and dealing with problems in getting into the site and accomplishing the jobs that will help keep assets in good shape over time. What does that involve?

Well, part of it is learned experience. But some of it is demonstrated through skills certifications to ensure that the contractor has the experience they highlight for contracts.

Rig-Certified Welding

As a rig-certified welder, we have specific skills related to industrial and petrochemical systems.

That means dealing with diesel engines, electrical systems, and hydraulics. It means understanding the physics behind these large equipment pieces and how they work. It also means training on different scenarios around these types of installations to understand what they typically need and how they either malfunction or wear over time.

High-Pressure Vessel Certification

With this type of certification in hand, we also pay attention to the ASME boiler and pressure vessel code and related standards and requirements.

Again, with higher-level equipment and more specialized jobs, you need a company that can address these things head-on.

Three Key Challenges with Mobile Welding

In addition to the above certifications, we excel in getting into areas of the client's location and putting those solutions in place.

One simple challenge is site access. It's not uncommon to have some problems to fix on the fly when visiting a client location for a welding job. Some companies are better at this than others. We have the skills and resources to get your job done.

Another concern is staff professionalism. Not all companies take the time to train and vet staff before sending them to important jobs. But we do!

Another challenge is scheduling. How do you know that someone will come out to do the work they were hired for on a timely basis?

Some partners have performance bonding in place, and some don't. But when you call Epic Welding, you know we'll be there when we say we will and get the job done. Look for more on the site about what we have done for so many partners and how we address site jobs to ensure they get done right. To those who call us for help, this is not just a detail or an academic issue. It's something that is vital to heavy jobs and useful in protecting assets.

Let us bring professionalism, experience with OSHA, and experience with the above certifications, to have a high degree of confidence in what you are doing to protect your infrastructure.

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