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Specialized Welding Work

Simply put, welding is not like other kinds of work. Sure, there are a few other specializations that you could compare to welding, but in general, it's more highly technical than most other kinds of trade work.

For example, think about something like carpentry or even excavation. Carpentry has its own special skills – working with a hard material with manual or power tools. Excavation has its own challenges relating to pressure and weight and geological topography.

But welding and heats it to the point that you can fabricate pieces or join or couple parts together.

And it accomplishes this in a very specialized way. The arc, as it's called, is ultimately important in the integrity of welding. You have to also look out for porosity and everything else like we have talked about in previous blog posts.

Specialized Types of Projects

Here are three projects we often work on as a mobile welding shop.

Generator Equipment

Companies need to have reliable power. Generators can be a part of that. But they may require assimilation into an infrastructure, where welding helps set the stage for long-term success. The welding is a big part of the design – the integrity of what you will rely on, day in and day out, as you focus on your core business at your location.


Boilers help to provide the energy that keeps buildings warm and toasty, but these installations also have their specific welding needs. Due to the nature of how they are built and designed, welding is going to be a part of maintenance here eventually. We work on boilers all the time, with the right acumen for safe and effective solutions.

Structural Work

There are also all kinds of projects that have to do with structural integrity. We often go on-site at a customer’s property to weld tanks, ladders, beams or other structures to ensure integrity and safety for the workers and everyone else.

Look at the blog for more on the heavy jobs we accomplish around the local area.

A Commitment to Safety

In addition, as we've discussed, we have the right certifications and credentials to ensure that your job (and every other job) goes well.

That extends to certain OSHA training for welding procedures, as well as AWS certifications and inside industry credentials that are valuable in this field.

Yes, we make house calls, and we’re well-equipped to make them, with various kinds of welding setups to keep your infrastructure in the best condition that it can be in. Call and let’s talk about how to solve problems for your business or municipal property and operations. You’ll see how easy it can be working with a company that knows welding, in and out.

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