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The Joys (And Challenges) Of Flux-Cored Welding

As we perform mobile welding services for our very important customers, we look at the types of methods that are best suited for an individual project.

The reality is that flux-cored welding is often perfect for outdoor work in a number of ways.

Benefits of Flux-Cored Welding

First, flux-cored welding is a more portable process. With less infrastructure to manage than some other types of welds, it's easier to get this equipment to where it needs to be in order to work on tanks or other exterior projects.

Another side note is that flux-cored welding produces smoke, which makes it a better fit for outdoor projects.

Flux-cored welding also works better on exterior surfaces that may have some dirt or buildup on them. For these and other reasons, it makes sense to tackle an external tank weld or an external equipment weld with this type of method.

Challenges with Flux-Cored Welding

Certain types of problems with the welding apparatus can cause tangling, or extinguish the arc altogether.

Our professionals have to look out for situations like birds-nesting or burn back by using a good wire feed and keeping the work process closer to the tip.

But when you have this kind of training in place, you're often able to overcome these challenges in performing flux-cored welding to make an external weld work.

Clean Welds

It's also important in this kind of welding to clean up after yourself. One reason is that a slight intrusion or obstruction can cause additional problems with weld integrity. The “slag” can create problems when it comes into contact with the altered metal. Clean welding is part of the training that our technicians go through, in order to provide the right result on large industrial jobs – or any other kinds of jobs.

In general, technicians look out for porosity and other problems that happen from less than optimal conditions.

As we go, we ensure the integrity of our jobs, which makes us popular with municipalities and other customers that are needing to have a job done well. With welding, integrity is important. And it's important to have products that are going to support your installations long-term. With a look at our site, you can see how we accomplish mobile projects with portable processes like flux-cored welding, and how we get the results that our clients need, every time. Go with a company with a proven track record in mobile welding and industrial work.

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