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Working With Utility Companies

Our mobile welding service brings assistance to where our clients need it the most. That might be at a business location, or in the field in some part of a utility grid. It might be around a tank or installation that's public, or something on private land that is used for private sector business.

But our utility clients are important to us, and special, because this kind of work represents keeping community services running smoothly, and keeping communities safe. Providing good water and sewer service, or storing fuel, requires good maintenance, and we are a part of that effort.

Municipal Water Systems

Municipalities have a big job in terms of managing water infrastructure

Public water now serves the majority of residents in many American communities. But it doesn't just happen magically.

There has to be a specific grid and infrastructure for the water, including heavy storage tanks and even tower facilities to hold water from a reservoir for public use.

That's part of what we’re involved in, as we make sure that various kinds of tanks and containers have the right seal and the right design for excellent maintenance and solvency.

Welding in the Field

Part of applying welds to these types of infrastructure means getting access to the site in question. There's physical access, and then there's the logistics of getting into a public space and doing work there.

We might be involved in looking at right-of-way with municipal planners. We might be involved in moving obstacles in order to get access to a water tower or other relation. All of this supports the ability to do the job, and keep utility systems in safe and serviceable condition.

Whatever it is, we’re working hard along with our municipal partners to keep services like water and other utilities flowing to where they are needed.

You can see more on the website, including our dedication to safety and appropriate certifications. Our OSHA certifications and boiler certifications are important credentials in this field, and help us to work with our municipal partners from a more advantageous position.

You can also learn about the types of welding that we do, and the methods by which we provide excellent results. Our workers are trained in the modern method and have the right safety training to accomplish the objective without jeopardizing the installation or those around them.

In this type of heavy industry, the reputation of a company is vitally important. Contact Epic Welding LLC for a job well done.

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