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Mobile Welding: Four Access Challenges

What can go wrong with mobile welding projects?

We know a little about this because we've seen it all, with our experience going to many different client properties to complete mobile welding projects on different kinds of infrastructure, with different kinds of components, and in unique situations.

Here are some things to look out for, obstacles that can stand in the way of the best outcomes.


It might seem strange, but in some cases, encroaching vegetation makes jobs exceedingly difficult.

If you've never seen a tree growing in front of an unused dock door, or shrubs towering several meters high right next to an old holding tank, you might not immediately understand this kind of situation.

The reality is that nature does its work in outdoor spaces, and without real oversight, you're likely to see these kinds of issues crop up now and again.

Crumbling Surfaces

There has been more than one job where we showed up to complete professional mobile welding on tanks or pipes or other kinds of structures, and we found crumbling concrete. Sometimes a set of exterior stairs will be in poor condition and dramatically unsafe. Or it might be a walkway that's decaying and going back to earth and grass.

These are things to look out for when you're setting up at a client location to get one of these important jobs done. You need to be sure you're on stable footing, not just at the site, but while you're transporting gear and equipment to and from your destination.

Uneven Grades and Slopes

The same goes for radically uneven grades that may be present at the site. Loose earth can be unsafe and again, old concrete that is in poor condition can be canted in certain ways that make the ground uneven. Look out!

High-Traffic Areas

This obstacle is a little different and has to do with operational integrity for a business.

There is a reason why municipalities and other parties do traffic counts before opening an industrial location at a particular site. Simply put, they’re worried about access for trucks and other vehicles. They're worried about how delivery vehicles will interact with normal traffic, and how emergency vehicles or utility vehicles will access the site.

The same holds true for contractors who are doing big jobs with heavy equipment. We need to be sure that we’ll be able to access the site without blocking someone else's access, or setting up a situation where there is a fight for a particular physical vantage point on the client site.

With all of these things taken into consideration, we are here to provide professional and successful results. Let us look at old metal installations to see which kind of mobile welding will be most effective in restoring your systems to usable condition and preventing long-term problems.

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